Our expert guest speaker for this segment is Alan R. Bechtold. Alan has been involved in direct mail and information publishing for more than 35 years. He's been marketing online for more than 25 years -- starting with the dial-up computer bulletin boards that pre-dated the Web by more than 10 years.

He's made money online and offline with direct marketing and today actively combines the two mediums to build his his own publishing businesses.

Alan loves showing people how to tap the Internet to turn any hobby or interest into money with information publishing done the easy way. And that's what he'll be discussing on the show.

Alan gave us some great insights on the advantages of being a publisher as opposed to being a writer. Publishing offers some significant advantages.

As a publisher, you can receive press releases by email and use the content either as is or edit this content to suit your needs. As well, every press release has contact information for persons who are willing, and hoping, you will use their material in some way.

This can often lead to an opportunity for product creation. For example, you might get this person on the phone for an interview, set up a recording, have this edited and transcribed and you have yourself a valuable product for only a minimal effort.

And here is what makes it so valuable. You may have seen that many of the online interviews are done with many of the same people repeatedly. So the content of these interviews varies only a little from one to the other. Except, of course, in the event of a special launch or promotion.

A drawback to being in the Internet marketing arena is that we sometimes forget that there is an offline world. There are thousands of persons in the offline doing great things with products and services that most people have no idea even exist.

That's where you come in, as a publisher, by bringing these folks to the online world. And to them, you are the best thing since butter on biscuits. Plus, it's original content and you are the one providing it.

Alan cites white papers as another excellent source of content for you. White papers are released by many companies that describe products and services that they provide. As the publisher, you can use these papers to create a feature or an ebook, since they are generally several pages in length.

Alan also had a special announcement for us today. He is creating a member portal that is going to be at no charge for the first 5000 members. It is still in the building process.

The portal is to be called 'Uncle Alan's Info_Publishing and Marketing Portal'. You can go on over there now and get the free ebook he describes on the call and when the site is up, you will receive your invitation to be one of tose 5000 that gets in free.

So, now, go get the ebook, go download the free recording of the call and you may find that a business in Information Publishing would be right for you.

Thanks so much for your time and for joining us here. Be sure to return and check for the updates of upcoming calls so you can join us for the show and get the information first hand.

Remember, as Mark Hendricks says, 'Do It Now, Do It Now, Do It Now!'

Until next time!


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