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Our guest expert for today's show was Willie Crawford.

Willie Crawford was raised on a tobacco farm in North Carolina, living off welfare most of his youth. His family was so poor that he once wore his grandmother’s shoes to school while working to earn money to replace his only dilapidated pair.

This built a burning desire in Willie to break away from the poverty and build his own business. Willie is now one of the world’s leading internet marketing experts, having spoken at dozens of seminars in the United States, Malaysia, Singapore and the U.K.

Willie leverages his knowledge of online marketing, and the connections that he’s developed over the years to help others launch products. Willie often serves as a middleman or a joint venture broker.

He’s also Executive Director of The International Association of Joint Venture Brokers.

Willie has written several books including a best-selling soul food cookbook (featured in The Soul Food Museum in Atlanta, Georgia), and an inspirational biography, “Git Off The Porch.”

Willie shared some very interesting  traffic generation strategiesTop. One of the first things he suggested doing is to find and interview an expert, such as through a webinar or teleseminar, and record this interview, have it transcribed and create an ebook and sell as a product of your own or as a Private Label Rights product.

Another favorite tactic of Willie's is through the use of video, not only posted at the usual video sites, but also on his blogs. The length of the video will depend, not only on the platform that it is posted to, but also the topic being covered or for instance, if the video is to promote a product launch or service.

Willie also suggested using your email marketing to remind your customers to return to your blog by having your message lead into a link back to your blog to complete reading the article and for additional information pertaining to the topic.

Willie also gave us some great examples for the use of podcasts, article marketing and press releases. One of sites that he was invited to partner with is Easy Push Button Traffic. Using their software system simplifies the process of adding your video, articles, press releases and podcasts to the host sites, saving you a great deal of time in the process.

Willie also had a special surprise for us today. He gave us a link to download a PowerPoint Presentation, for your personal use, that goes in to much greater detail covering Traffic Generation Strategies. There is a lot of great information in here and Willie shares some tips and techniques that you should begin implementing right away to increase and maintain a steady flow of traffic to your websites.

Willie provided us with a lot of excellent information today. If you were unable to make the live broadcast, head on over and download the replay. If you are having problems with getting traffic to your sites or need to turn up the volume, you will get some great ideas.

Thanks so much for joining us here and at the show.

Be sure to check back here regularly for updates to the show schedule.

Till next time!


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Our guest expert for today’s segment was Doug Champigny. Doug was a veteran of marketing and advertising even before coming online full time in 1997. Doug is a full time Internet Marketer, Affiliate Marketer, mentor, speaker and an expert at creating wealth and helping others do the same.

Doug shared some excellent insights with us about beginning steps for someone either just entering into an online business or someone with a business that just can’t seem to pull it together.

Some of the things that we talked about were steps to picking a niche to market to. Consider something that you enjoy and have fun with. You could hardly expect to do your best with something that you don’t particularly like.

Affiliate marketing is about the least expensive start up of most online business opportunities. It provides you, the affiliate, with the opportunity to build a business selling products. But, you are doing it without the responsibilities of customer service, warehousing and the shipment of products.

And we talked about the important difference between having a business and that of having a sustainable business. A business that will continue to work, even if you decide to take a few weeks off.

In the area of product creation, Doug suggests 1) PLR products that you sell as is, and 2) PLR products that you convert to your own. He stresses though, that you must first have a laser focus on list building and traffic generation, then the product creation.

We talked about Doug’s “No Net Cost” theory in the purchasing of products and services for your business. When you consider a product or service, look for one that has Private Label Rights that allow you resell the product, something like software. Or something that has an affiliate program, like hosting and autoresponders.

Then you have the best tool basically at “No Net Cost”, since it pays for itself.

When you are creating a product from a PLR to sell as your own, there are several things that you will need to do. Including, changing book covers, sales pages and content, to make them your own. Doug has an excellent set of PLR Video Tutorials that takes you through this process easily.

Now for the big one! Doug is a mentor and business coach. But, this has traditionally been basically by invitation to someone who has shown ability, but needs direction.

Well, he has decided to go public with a 4-week intensive training course that begins February 1st. This course will take you step-by-step from zero to a real working business in one month. It’s called the PowerStart 2010 Coaching Course.

Registration for the February course is until January 25th. Then, on the 26th, registration begins for the March course. Along with that will come a $200 increase in your tuition. He has not put a limit on the number of people who can get in, only the registration period.

There simply is no other course like this available. I’ll be there, myself, I hope that you are also.

And speaking of 'there', Doug is on his way to be a presenter at Mark Hendricks’ Internet Super Stars Conference in Orlando. You can still register for that until tomorrow night. Now, before you begin to say, “Orlando! But that’s so far!”, let me say this. Doug and Teri are driving down there. You know they live in Canada, right!

Thanks so much for your time. I hope that you have found this useful.

Oops! I nearly forgot. I apologize for the dead air at the beginning of the recording. Technical difficulties of some sort.



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