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Going Back To His Roots…

Legendary publishing and marketing expert "Uncle" Alan R. Bechtold announced some time ago that he was basically retiring from the "biz-op/make-money-from-home" market to settle back into publishing.

He's done just that, turning all his energies into a new publishing venture about - you guessed it - publishing! Now, about the only way to find Alan and tap his immense wisdom is on his blog, Uncle Alan's Information Publishing and Marketing Portal.

You can find the Portal here:
"Uncle Alan's Information Publishing and Marketing Portal"

On his blog, the central topic is publishing for profit - and the marketing you need to know to make a profit publishing today. He also takes frequent looks into utilizing publishing as a form of marketing.

Alan's pouring everything he's learning today, as he discovers it, into his Portal. He's also digging through his archives of more than 35 years' worth of his writings and recordings on the subject of publishing for money, and bringing it on board -- revised and updated as needed.

It's better than his best courses that used to sell for $997 and up each. And there's no charge at all.

Again - you can check it out here:
"Uncle Alan's Information Publishing and Marketing Portal"

Plan to visit often. Alan's just about to start a special new series he says will become his next book. It will appear, as he's writing it, in the Portal! The book, he says, is all about his entire life of learning and publishing - how he made millions in the "bizop" market, then went on to make more millions in the "Internet marketing" market. And he'll explain, through his fascinating story, exactly why he's leaving such a lucrative enterprise, and what it means to you.

This is can't-miss stuff and you'll be in for the start of it if you visit the blog and bookmark it now, then check back often!

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I wanted to show you all how much I appreciate you. Valentine's Day has that
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It's a new report, written by best-selling author Alan R. Bechtold, called "A
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For a limited time, Alan's letting up to 5,000 copies of this report go out at
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Happy Valentine's Day!!!


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