Our expert guests for today's segment were SEO Expert Frank Gorka, who
has held the top spots on the first pages of search engines for ten and
a half years and our special surprise guest Social Networking Lisa Simpkins,
who is currently administering over twenty Ning.com social sites.

We discussed several elements of Search Engine Optimization and
Social Networking and how each affects your sites Page Rank and Traffic
rank at Alexa.com.

However, the topic of the day is how these two experts have joined forces,
combined their own proven systems for traffic generation and Page Rank
to create a single system that will allow anyone, regardless of previous
experience, to dominate the Search Engines and maximize your Traffic
ranking for any chosen niche.

And to prove that the system would work for anyone, they took, as case
studies, complete newbies with brand new sites that had an average
initial Alexa Traffic Rank above 2,000,000 and in a few weeks had them
in the 500,000 to 800,000 range. Often with multiple first page listings
in the Search Engines for their primary keywords.

What does this mean to you? Well, what if you have a site that already
has an Alexa Traffic Rank under 1,000,000, what do you suppose that this
system would do for you? Your traffic would go through the roof and your
list would skyrocket. And you've heard it a million times, "The Money is
in the List!," right?

Their system, Social Fame Network, takes you step by step through the
techniques you need to apply to achieve the results presented in the
case studies. What's more, it's not a 'You got it, you figure it out'
program. Frank and Lisa are there with you every step of the way.

By-the-way, Lisa's husband Teddy is a top shelf coder. So, should you
find yourself in need of his services, contact Lisa, Frank or myself
and we'll get you hooked up.

So, now, go on over to Social Fame Network and check it out, read the
case studies and add this system to your Internet marketing arsenal.

And, of course, check back here regularly for updates. We'll have more
great Expert Authority guests on Blog Talk Radio sharing the information
you need to be successful.

Have a great day!

Jim Berry

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