Our guest speaker for this episode was Jason Anderson. Jason is President and Co-Founder of iFlash Video...a custom video production company for small business and independent marketing professionals.

Jason really gave us the heads up on what they have going on at iFlash Video. They offer Custom Professional Video services created in studio grade facilities on studio grade equipment with custom music, images and voice overs.

Jason explained the process basically this way, when you become a customer, you are provided a 'copy sheet' that you fill this out with the text inside a box. The copy you fit inside the box amounts to about one minute. Then you add any photos and special features that you want included and upload your submission.

Jason gave us several examples of how the videos can customized to your specific needs. Basic, just about any way you like. And, possibly, in ways that you may not even have thought of.

So, here's what's going on now. between February 16th and 19th, they are trying something new. They have decided to create a program called "iFlash Monthly". This is a membership type program that you will pay an up front fee with a monthly subscription, which is less than fifty dollars per month. That will get you one professionally produced, custom video per month.

If you are reading this after February 19th, don't loose heart. Follow the link over to the site and get on the waiting list. Remember, just like every other membership site, people will fall out of the program. So, if you are on the list, you could be notified of the available space.

Jason also made it clear that by signing up to their newsletter, you will receive on ads from them, not the normal marketing that you might think. Jason did say that the newsletter will often include discounts to current services, from time to time.

Like I said, the open enrollment will end on the 19th or when 500 people have signed up. Obviously, at the price point this membership is going for, they could very well sell out before they go public with the program.

So, now, go on over to iFlash Video and secure your position. You will be very glad that you did. Even at the normal rate, you would be hard put to find a service that provides this type of quality.

Remember, come back regularly to check for updates for upcoming shows.

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