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On March 18th Doug Champigny held a webinar titled 'Super Affiliate Success Strategies'. If you follow me on Twitter, you would have seen that I promoted it on all of my Twitter accounts. Why? Because it was that important!

There were a couple of things that set this webinar apart from many that you may have attended, aside from the fact that you were getting Affiliate Marketing Strategies from a Super Affiliate. One was the level of content. Doug held everyone's attention with strategies and ideas for improving your affiliate marketing program that cut straight to the chase. No fluff, no time outs.

I got 6 pages of notes from this webinar! Doug broke things down to 3 basic phases; Phase One, Doug discussed what Affiliate Marketing is and what it is not. He talked about the using affiliate directories, the types of products available and how to choose which is best for your particular market.

Phase Two is running your business. Doug covered list building, branding yourself and your authority status. The biggest mistakes that most affiliates make. Setting up your confirm and download pages correctly and using your affiliate tool, such as blogging, social media, audio and video and the 'Lost Marketing Tools'.

Phase Three is the more advanced strategies and tools. Setting up marketing funnels for yours or someone else's products. How to use and be part of Joint Ventures, Product Launches and Live Events. How to keep your business from becoming a J.O.B. using planning and automation strategies in basic steps and once these are in place, set up new ones. Doug also covered his 'No Net Cost' process for getting the best tools available to run your business.

The second thing that set Doug's webinar apart from others. When the webinar started, there were over 150 attendees. Over two and a half hours later, there were still 150 attendees present on the call. Yes! Still one hundred and fifty. Holding the attention of that many people for that long, and these persons not be in a closed room, is just a testimony in itself as to the quality of what Doug was teaching.

Well, I know that you hate that you missed it! But, all is not lost to you. He has created an 8 week coaching program to teach you, in detail, all of the things I mentioned and a whole lot more. It's called PowerStart Affiliate Marketing Coaching. This is another in a line of programs under the PowerStart Marketing umbrella, which began with the 4Week intensive PowerStart 2010 Internet Marketing Coaching and Mentoring Program.

The deadline for registering for the April session of the the PowerStart Affiliate Marketing Coaching has been extended through tomorrow night, April 6. I strongly urge you to go and get registered for this program if you are doing or considering doing any Affiliate Marketing as a business model.

I mean really, where else would you go to get Affiliate Marketing Coaching except from a Super Affiliate?

Remember, 'You Are Successful!'

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Our expert guest speaker for today's segment is Doug Champigny. As you may recall, Doug  joined us earlier this month to share his insights on Affiliate Marketing and has agreed to return today to share his expertise as a 'Master of Private Label Rights.'

Doug has over 25 years of marketing & advertising experience ranging from Daily newspapers to full-service advertising agencies, 18 years of it in senior management positions including 12 years as owner of his own Internet marketing, design & SEO company have led him to the unique qualification as an expert on both the marketing and technical aspects of Internet Marketing and online promotion.

Current duties include co-management of over 120 websites, running 9 blogs, publishing a daily e-zine to over 35,000 Internet marketers worldwide, while authoring e-books, audios and videos teaching Internet marketers to increase their online profits, grow their Internet businesses and brand themselves worldwide.

Recently a speaker at the Internet Marketing Seminar in Sandusky, Ohio and the Internet Marketing SuperConference in Las Vegas. And most recently at the Internet Super Stars Conference held in Orlando.

Doug first explained the differences in 'Rights' products. There are basically three types, Resell Rights(RR), Master Resell Rights(MRR) and Private Label Rights(PLR). Citing PLR as being the most powerful for us as marketers. It is important to note here that with any 'Rights' product that it is important to read the License Agreement that accompanies these products to be sure that you do not find yourself in violation of the terms of the agreement.

Doug shared some excellent insight son how PLR products can be used and repurposed to create unique products and content including, audio, video, podcasts, and content for blogs and websites. Also, how you might combine multiple PLR products into a single, more valuable product or even an eCourse to offer your subscribers over time.

Doug has a set of video tutorials that details the conversion of a PLR product, step by step, and is an excellent resource for you if you are having difficulties or just have no idea what to do with all that PLR material occupying space on your computer.

We also touched on Doug's new coaching program, PowerStart 2010, which he introduced at the Internet Super Stars Conference. This is a 1month coaching program designed to take you from zero to a working online business. And the program assumes no experience level. What I mean here is that if you can turn on your computer and check your email, everything else you need to know is in the program. So, don't be put off thinking that you need some special skills up front. You can do this!

That said, I feel that it is important to note that Doug has done private coaching for many years, but has decided to go public with this program to help anyone that is just wanting to start an online business and wants to do it right and those who may be having trouble moving their current business forward.

So, grab the recording and take good notes, put the information and ideas Doug has shared with us into action and have some fun!

Thanks so much for joining us here and on the show. I look forward to seeing you there.

Remember, "Take Massive Action!"


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