How did Authority Masterminds come to be?

Well, it was like this!

One day I was speaking with a friend, Frank Gorka(An SEO Expert), and told him what I intended to do with this site and the Blog Talk Radio shows. He said, "What gave you the idea for that?"

It's very simple really. To help those people just getting started to move forward. And to help those people who have already started to move ahead.

You see, it is not taking my time to do the preparation for the shows. It's not taking the hour of my time to do the show.

This is your time!

It is your time to spend listening and learning from the Experts. And I am dead serious about getting out that pen and paper and taking notes. It will be very much worth your time to get the most out of these sessions.

And as far as the Experts? Well, they are willing to give an hour of their time to help you succeed. And that is priceless!

We are going to learn a lot. We are going to have our workloads increased as a result. But, that is the bottom line for your business. You get out of it what you are willing to put into it.

No silver bullets! No next big thing! Real information, from real people, who have and are doing the work and reaping the benefits.

We are going to have some fun!

So, send me your comments or questions. Especially, let me know who you would like to have me interview for you. Please include some of the questions and/or problems you are having.

I will do my best to get back to within 24 hours. If not? Sorry, I fell asleep!