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On today's segment of Authority Masterminds on Blog Talk Radio, we had as our expert authority, Willie Crawford discussing Joint Venture Brokerage.

Willie is a very well known JV Broker who has connected many businesses, product and service owners, affiliates and Joint Venture partners together.

We began our discussion with Willie describing exactly what a Joint Venture is. Generally, when we think of a Joint Venture, we think of a product launch.

Actually, a Joint Venture is when any group of people gets together for a product promotion, a product creation, combining or associating products or services or even to promote a cause, such as a particular event or charity.

Then Willie went on to explain the role of a Joint Venture Broker. Suppose that you have a product or service that is a good one, but, you do not have the resources to make it viable. A JV Broker will go out and suggest your product or service to potential Joint Venture Partners and Affiliates.

Once these partners and affiliates have agreed to promote your product, then a product launch is set up. You, the product or service owner, would pay a commission to the promoters. And you would also pay the broker a commission for putting this all together.

Good Joint Venture Brokers are in high demand. Skilled joint Venture Brokers may often receive an upfront fee for the project and a percentage of profits from a successful promotion. That is what makes this business model not only attractive, but also, potentially very lucrative.

There are several ways that a JV Broker can apply their skills. Not only in the online world, but in offline as well. For example, bringing together an offline business and an online business, to complement their particular products or services.

Another example would be connecting an offline business with an online local business promoter. Producing increased sales for the offline business and providing word of mouth expert status for the online promoter.

It's really about having the vision to see the possibilities and putting the business owners together, either online or offline, and because you are able to do that, then you get paid a commission for doing it.

Willie and an associate, Sohail Khan, will be holding a 5 day workshop in Atlanta, Georgia in early May. However, they will accept only a limited number of students. And, as you will see on the website, potential students must schedule a call with Willie or Sohail to qualify for the workshop.

Be sure to listen to the call recording and, as always, be prepared to take notes and listen several times. Willie always over delivers on these calls and there is a lot of good info, if you are a good listener.

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Our Guest for our next episode is Joint Venture and Joint Venture Brokerage Expert, Willie Crawford.

Willie will share with us exactly what Joint Venture Brokerage is and how you can become an expert in putting together Businesses and Business owners through Joint Ventures and be rewarded handsomely for your efforts.

You will not want to miss this!