In February, Doug Champigny launched his PowerStart Marketing 2010 4-Week Intensive Coaching Program. I was fortunate to have been a part
of the launch and participate in the program.

Since that time, after several months of gathering questions and comments
from participants, Doug has revamped the program and extended it to an 8 week format.

The topics covered during the program remain basically the same. But, the content is much more in depth as a result of the feedback.

Some of the topics covered in the PowerStart Marketing Program include:

How to correctly install your WordPress blog, including plug-ins and connecting it to Web 2.0 sites to build your online presence.

Setting up your list building funnels.

Product creation, getting targeted traffic to you site, networking and much, much more.

And, of course, Doug provides step-by-step how-to training videos for each week along with weekly webinars to get you through any problems you may face and answer any questions.

If you are currently an online business owner or you are ready to take action to start your own online business, I highly recommend this program.

The same goes for anyone with an offline business who is ready to take advantage of the benefits of taking part in the online business community.

Deadline for the October 8 week program is Sunday, October 10, at midnight.

You've heard me say it before, the quickest way to online success is to get a proven system and follow it. And get yourself a mentor. Doing these two things will cut as much as years off the time it takes you to become successful.

With Doug's PowerStart Marketing 2010 Coaching Program, you get the best of both.

You need this! Your business will love you for it. Your competition will not!

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